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"As a tenant at the Burlington County College Business Incubator, Im well aware that this building runs properly because Isabel makes everything here work. She brings a caring attitude to ensuring that our small business community feels supported and protected. Isabel is the type of person that simply handles it with integrity and accountability." - Howard Yermish, Howard, CEO, Marketing Analyst & Strategist


"The Business Incubator helped my business grow. My profit doubled after the third month of being at the Incubator. It is also a great place to network with other small businesses and the clients here are more than willing to give you a bit of business advice. Highly recommend being a client here!" - Glenn Arterbridge, Nerd R Us Computer Solutions, Owner & Lead Technician


"Throughout the opening of this office, the BCC Business Incubator has been a great support system. Being in the Incubator has allowed us to save money in the first few months by starting in a small space, and moving to a larger space only when we needed to. The level of customer service and willingness of the landlord to go above and beyond to help meet our business needs has been unparalleled. The opportunity to network with other Incubator residents was a perfect way to get acquainted with the business needs of this area. Whether you are a brand new business or a business new to the area, the BCC Business Incubator is the perfect way to start your operations in Burlington County." - Amanda Verbeke, America Works of New Jersey, Inc., Director of Operations